The Hard Wars of Consume
Episode 1 Titlecard
Kanji コンシューム大陸厳しい戦争
Romaji Konshūmu Tairiku Hādo Sensō
Air Date(s) October 20, 2012
retrospective world
0 to 1 no Hana
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The Hard Wars of Consume (コンシューム大陸厳しい戦争 Konshūmu Tairiku Hādo Sensō?) is the first episode of the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de anime. It premiered on October 20, 2012.


In the continent of Consume, two nations, the Segua Kingdom and the Ninteldo Empire, are at war with each other, with Ninteldo ruling over 90% of the continent due to their leader, General Marcus. In the Segua Kingdom, a boy named Gear, who had lost his brother Til in a battle against the Ninteldo army, travels with his sister, Nel, to the capital in order to join the Segua Army. The vice-general, Ramses, tests Gear by pitting him against 50 of her soldiers, which he defeats instantly with his amazing speed. Impressed by his strength, Ramses enlists Gear in the special forces, alongside an archer named Opal, with the mission of rescuing a general named Alex, who is being held prisoner in the Ninteldo-allied country of Tetrand. Later that night, Gear is called out by Opal, who doesn't approve of him and challenges him to a fight for his right to stay in the army. Gear manages to win instantly with a direct attack, earning her praise after he explains how he admires those who aim to go forward. The next morning, Ramses introduces the third special forces member, a somewhat perverted mercenary named Tejirof, who decides to train Gear for the operation, his barriers winning against Gear's speed.