Episode 2 Titlecard
Kanji キラ
Romaji KIRAA
Air Date(s) December 27, 2012[1]
retrospective world
0 to 1 no Hana
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Killer (キラ KIRAA?) is the second episode of the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de anime. It premiered on December 27, 2012.


Tejirof trains Gear, Opal, and Nel to use their "Killer" abilities. Ramses and Tejirof discuss the possibility that Gear is the son of a man named General Alex. Gear asks Tejirof about other Killers especially the strongest ones. The group start their mission to rescue General Alex from an underground prison. While on their way they find a wounded Segua scout who asks to be "absorbed". Tejirof and Opal explain that absorbing someone is to take their life force. He tells Gear that there are limits to how many one can absorb. They are interrupted by the Killer of Tatoland, Bays. Tejirof cages him in a wall of light so they can escape. Opal plays decoy so the others can get past D Fisher, another Tatoland Killer. Tejirof, Gear and Nel reach General Alex's cell and Gear finds out that he is none-other than his father.