Opal Portrait
Kana オパール
Romaji Opāru
Role Protagonist
Affiliation Segua Kingdom
Gender Female
English voice actor Brittany Lauda
Japanese voice actor Izumi Kitta
Origin Fantasy Zone

Opal is one of the protagonists of the Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de series. She is based off of Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone.


Opal has a dark-purple hair color and purple eyes to match. Unlike Gear and Nel, her hair color does not match the character she represents in Fantasy Zone. She has fair skin and a slender figure accented by large breasts. She has a circlet with small wings that stick out above her ears. She wears a necklace made of what looks like bells. Below, her attire leaves little to be desired, consisting of a tan single shoulder top and loincloth, as well as a pair of black underwear and a bra, exposing a hefty amount of skin. She wears sandals that wrap around up to her calves, and carries her trademark bow and arrow at all times.


Despite Gear personifying Sonic the Hedgehog, Opal is definitely more recognized as the one with the attitude. When she does not like someone, she is blunt about it. Opal has a sense of humor that is not as appreciated as she would like. Every time she makes a joke she asks "Was that funny?", in which Gear would respond with "not really...". More than her attitude, Opal is very overconfident. She has a tendency to underestimate her opponents, causing her to be easily caught off guard.


Opal first appears in Episode 1, where she fires an arrow at Gear as her introduction. Right off the start, Opal despised Gear for his personality. The night after Gear is accepted into the army, she leaves him a note to meet her on a beach of sorts. When Gear arrives, she bluntly states that she won't follow him on the battlefield. Letting the conversation, and her pride, spiral out of control; she challenges him to a fight of who can land the first strike on the other. If Gear won, Opal would do whatever he wanted. However, if Opal won, Gear and Nel would have to leave the army. Gear accepts the bet and the two begin. Opal decides to mock Gear by showing him her skills with a bow; she tells him to throw a rock at her and smashes it apart with one arrow. Opal is confident on how Gear will try to dodge left and jump, but is caught off guard when he recklessly charges forward. Gear strikes at Opal with a tackle. The resulting collision tears Opal's top off and knocks her unconscious. When she awakens she is being carried on Gear's back and wearing his vest for coverage. She thinks to herself that she was wrong about Gear and makes a note to apologize, however it has not been shown of her doing so yet. When they return to the capital, Opal reminds Gear that she has to do "whatever he wants", and begins to think about what perverse things he's going to do. Gear states that he only won because she hesitated, because a shot would have killed him. Opal refuses to accept his modesty and demands an order. Gear again surprises her by saying he wants her to fight with him as a team. When Gear, Nel, and Opal began training with Tejirof; they each discover that they are all "killers". Opal was revealed to have the power of "Shot", which was first created by I. Vader. When she first attempts to use it, she learns that the gathering of power is extremely painful to control in just her fingertips. She would have given up if Tejirof had not forced her to keep going. She manages to control weaker shots, this is a reference to how you can fire multiple regular shots or charged shots in some video games, but still struggles with the pain of charged shots. On the way to Hope Fortress, to rescue General Alexx, the group runs into a scout who has been severely injured. He asks one of them to absorb him, causing Gear to wonder what he means. Opal explains that "killers" can absorb people that are willing, and gain their powers. However, Tejirof declines the scouts wish; as Gear can only absorb two people, and it would be a waste. During the assault on the castle to save General Alex, Opal is put in charge of being a decoy for the guard of the prison, D. Fisher. However, her pride got the better of her again and she assumed she could beat Fisher; she stayed behind to fight with Fisher. Opal quickly realized that she was no match for Fisher and his force field power, who kept mocking her about how he was going to enjoy "torturing" her, and was running out of strategies. She decides to hide from Fisher and perform mutiple charge shots, and almost gives herself away by nearly screaming from the pain. Opal dispatches D. Fisher with a "7 Way Shot," an obvious reference to the "7 Way Shot" power up in Fantasy Zone ( Her plan works and she kills D. Fisher. However, the attack took its toll and she was numb from the build up. This would be bad as the destruction attracted Boys, the younger brother of Bays and reference to Bubble Bobble. He immediately grabs Opal and asks if she killed Fisher. She replies yes and mocks the ability of Taotoland's warriors. Boys agrees and removes Opal's top and loin cloth. He begins to lick her and like Fisher, laugh about he's going to enjoy "torturing" her. Opal is saved by Gear who received a power increase from absorbing his father General Alex. He defeats Boys and saves Opal; thanking her for fight so hard.


She has unbelievable accuracy, with a bow and arrow. She is also a Killer, who has the ability to shoot energy out of her fingertips.



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